This week i got the new calipers, so it was time to get the front brakes all sorted out.

I struggled to find the callipers as they are 2 parts, the calliper and the carrier and loads of places sell the calliper but not the carrier. But after a bit of searching, I found a complete set on eBay ( and it looks like he also does some other Fiat stuff as well as I saw the rear pistons on his listing.

I got all the bits out and started to fit them and then realised I didn’t have the bolts any more to bolt them on. Luckily after a quick message to the guy on eBay and he told me they use a fine thread, so then I was able to find some in my box of bolts 🙂

Fitting the pads is so easy and the carrier pivots up, you put the pads in and then pull it done and pop the pin back in. if only all breaks were this easy 🙂

Discs and pads are Brembo.

Now its just brake hoses and rear brake lines to fit and the brakes are all done 🙂